All sorts of reasons are used to justify Enterprise Architecture. At the top of the list is usually a desire for high efficiency and minimization of risk. In other words, Enterprise Architecture knows best. We repeatedly end up in the model because, ultimately, you can’t have the wild west in large technology organizations. Or…can you?

Yes you can, with Simon Wardley’s Pioneers, Settlers, and Town Planners model. Take advantage of organizational theft to ensure amazing people in each of these three groups contribute to increasing the velocity and on-going sustainability of your organization. While many know about this model, the mechanics (like theft, exciting!) are counter intuitive and it is often understandably difficult to relate this to real-world problems.

This talk aims to provide real-world tooling/technical practice adoption examples and key things you need to know to begin shifting your complex organization to this model. And yes, even Enterprise Architecture has a place in the new frontier. I consider this one of the best organizational constructs out there for achieving velocity and managing technical risk/debt. Let’s get it out there and keep testing it!



Settlers of DevOps - DevOpsDays Boston 2017 from Rob Cummings